How to Request Access

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This site contains some content that is restricted for verified homeowners only.  In order to access secured content, you must have a homeowner account in the membership database or you must request a new homeowner account.

Before requesting a new account, always first try to reset your password by submitting your email address.  If you already have an account (80% of homeowners), you will receive a link by email to reset your password.  Then, simply login with your email address and new password.

If you get a message that says, “ERROR: There is no user registered with that email address” this means you don’t have a homeowner account under the provided email address and you will have to request a new account.


  1. Use this link to Request a Verified User Account

  2. Type in the first name and last name of the homeowner requesting access

  3. Type in the Willow Creek street address associated with the homeowner’s name

  4. Type in the email address where you will receive login instructions and password resets

5. Type in your phone number that can be visible in the homeowners-only directory – not publicly viewable.  You may choose to block visibility at any time.

6.  Check the box next to the content that you want access to.  You may check more than one box.

7.  Please let us know how many years you’ve lived in Willow Creek

8.  Click the Choose File button to upload your user photo.  See the FAQ why a photo upload is helpful for verification.

9.  Click the checkbox to confirm that you are not a robot, splogger or zombie.

10.  Submit your request for access.  A volunteer site admin will verify your homeowner information and email you login information at the email address provided – usually within 24 hours.

HOW and WHY we verify

Each account requested is first compared to the homeowner database to match the name with the street address.  We also check the delinquency report to ensure that the homeowner is in good standing.  (Covenants prohibit use of HOA amenities for owners not in good standing.)  Your uploaded photo can also help to identify you are who you say you are (if the site admin knows you).  Finally, sending your login information by email ensures the request is not a fake account with a fake email.

Not only does this site contain HOA information which should not be made available to the public, but login verification also ensures that messages between neighbors (and the HOA) are trusted.  On the Internet, it is not uncommon for someone to pretend to be someone else – just for mischief or to be harmful.

If you have any issues with your Request for Verified Access, please contact a volunteer site admin.